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Acne Assasin in-depth look at acne
Acne Resource Center in-depth look at acne
Anathema Books catalog of books on the topic of body modification
Belly Button Rings Guide dedicated to everything navel piercing
Dental Transfigurements In Borneo Alan Jones, British Dental Journal, 2001
Dr. Benecke's Article on Body Modification psychological paper on body modification
Flesh & Spirit Ron Garza's suspension website
Henry Ferguson's Article on Body Piercing published in BMJ, 1999
Infectious Complications of Body Piercing published in CID, 1998
The Lizardman performance artist with full body transformation
Orlan cosmetic surgery as art
Ron Athey performance artist
Tattoo-Induced Skin Burn During MR Imaging published in AJR, 2000
Xiaan Bodyart home to the stupid questions & witty replies list

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