Mizuz Inkaholik is a multi-talented, multi-faceted fetish model and modification artist with vibrant ideas, a bubbly personality and an art collection that is anything but average (not to mention she is married to one of the most phenomenal portrait artists in the industry!). She has a million talents, innovative ideas and she's on a mission to change our world! A natural and modified beauty, she's been featured in Tattoo Savage Magazine, TatuARTE(Mexico), The Biker Guide, Thunder Press, Voices Magazine, Romanian Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Exposed and several other publications. When she isn't out modeling, she can be found tattooing at the legendary Texas Body Art in Houston,Texas, which she owns along with her husband Johnny Jackson. Even with all of this on her busy schedule, she took the time out to allow me an interview and let us know just a little about herself and her plans.

What modifications do you currently have?

I have over 221 hours of award winning ink by 12 award winning tattoo artists, 160 of it by my husband Johnny Jackson (Inkaholik) I am working on a full body suit... I also have 8 piercings. I have had over 80 piercings total including all my corsets and play piercings for photos.

Any in the works?

Always, my whole body will probably never be complete.... even when I do get covered we will have others we want to go back in on and add detail or refresh.

I still am working on my back piece, I'm about 20 hours away from completing my right leg sleeve all the way from thigh to foot, I have a little more work on my left leg I still have my knee cap open and some stuff to cover on my upper thigh, my sleeves are finished and my chest and throat, but I still have my rib cages, which I am excited to get finished!

How does your family feel about your modifications?

My family embraces and loves tattoos and art (since my mother is an artist). They love and accept me the way I am, I haven't changed on the inside just because I look different, or better, on the outside. It's no different then people having plastic surgery... I do this because I love it and it makes me feel beautiful!

What sort of reactions do people generally have to your modifications?

Generally? I get wonderful responses from people, most people really enjoy looking at my artwork. Occasionally I do get the really mean stares (stink eye) but those people make me laugh. They just don't understand anything different. I really love children's reactions, most just love it. Some point and say "WOW, look at the lady mommy! Her hair is so tall" or "she is covered in paint!" Other's scream out "COOL!!!!!" It's very adorable!

What has been the inspiration to your modifications?

My husband. His artwork is unimaginable, so of course I want to be covered in it! I have one portrait side of my body which I love to cover in horror images. The other side of my body is covered in neo-traditional and organic style work.

Do you consider them more of an aesthetic beauty and self-esteem enhancer or is there a spiritual side as well?

For me, they are definitely for aesthetic purposes, ever since I started collecting beautiful art on my body I have more confidence then I ever had. You know, I just appreciate great art, some hang it on their walls, I just carry mine with me everywhere I go. And they can never be duplicated, I am a true original!

What was your first piercing/tattoo?

My first piercing was my navel, over 14 years ago, and my first tattoo was an anklet that I now have to cover, over 13 years ago

At what point did you realize you wanted to modify your body on a large scale?

About 3 years ago I met my husband, things have been different ever since! I got into the tattoo lifestyle and culture and saw what was possible, I never want to be "normal" again!

What effect do your modifications have on your daily life?

The only effect my modifications have on my day to day life would be I am a walking portfolio for my husband, so we get stopped a lot! Having dinner in a restaurant people will prevent us from eating our meal, by asking question after question. Also, I am a model, tattooed models are slowly making it out into the general world, but slowly, so I push for that daily!

What are your thoughts on the more ritualistic practices of the industry, such as suspension? Have you ever suspended or would you consider a suspension or pull?

I would have considered a pull before I had tattoos on all the body parts to suspend from. But I think suspension and pulls are for certain people, but they have such wonderful sensations and enjoy their "out of body experience". It plays a very important part to our culture and society as modified people. Tattoos and piercings go back a very, very long time and play a very important part in many cultures. They do stem from very spiritual and ritualistic meaning.

How would you describe your current "job"?

Well, I'm an alternative, pin-up, gore, and fashion model. During the week I'm a micro-dermal pigment implant technician, which means I do permanent cosmetics... I have over 14 years experience as a professional make up artist now I tattoo it. I am also apprenticing to tattoo more then just make up. I have already done a couple tattoos. My husband and I own The Legendary Texas Body Art, so I am also the counter manager and do everything down to taking out the trash!

What did you want to be as a child?

You know, I think I always knew I wanted to do something that made people feel better about themselves, hence why I became a cosmetologist at a young age. Now, I work on a much more permanent scale!

What personal goals do you have in this industry?

I want to become better at what I do, modeling and tattooing. I think you can never reach greatness, you must always work towards it to be the best that YOU can be! I want to open the eyes of the public to our industry and recognize it as art. I wish to bring our industry closer together!

Who has been the most supportive of your wish to modify your body?

My husband of course, but also my mother, she loves it!

Who has been least supportive?

I really haven't had a lot of negativity except the normal haters, people in our own industry.

I've heard you compared to other modified models, particularly Masuimi Max, what are your thoughts on this?

I am honored to be compared to Masuimi Max, she is a leader in our modeling community. I just want to be original and do great work as a model, I try to be creative, I do my own hair, make-up, wardrobe, editing, and my husband does most of my photography.

Aside from being gorgeous and having a lovely collection of art, as well as killer glow stick skills, what other hidden talents can we expect to see from the Mizuz?

Tattoos! I am drawing and painting, I have tons of ideas to get our industry out in the public eye more. Of course you will see lots of permanent cosmetics from me, AND LOTS MORE COVERS!!!! I am almost 32 so I want to model a lot now before I am way too mature (old) for it! I feel like if I want to make an impact I need to do it now!

Do you have any advice for the modified youth that looks up to you?

NEVER GIVE UP! Be yourself, love who you are. Life is hard and so are people. You must love yourself, beauty is not all on the outside. Always plan your artwork and research your artist, so you can always be happy with your art. Don't allow life to get you down or the negativity in people. People who hate, don't hate you, they hate anything that is good, they hate what they can't seem to achieve. Have persistence and be who you want to be!

To see more of the Mizuz, check out her Site at http://mizuzinkaholik.com/ or check out her personal Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/mizuzinkaholik or if you're interested in a more personal experience with this talented beauty, you can always schedule an appointment for a tattoo or some permanent cosmetics, I know I will.

Introduction & Interview by Modified Mind Contributing Writer Jess Taylor ([email protected])

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