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The topic is the End-Of-The-Year Awards

Jason Sand--retired staff member of BME's QOD. Interviewed on Modified Times, BME, & BMERadio.

Jason decided not to respond to this question.

Frances Sand--former staff member of BME's QOD. Interviewed on both Modified Times and BMERadio.

Best Overall Website--Ragdoll Weave Co.: Somebody gave me this url by email the other day, it's an *awesome* hair extension website...god, I could spend so much money here :)

Best Piercing Website--Breed 3-1-6: They have a great range of jewelry and are excellent for prompt service and larger gauges. I've had a couple of custom pieces from them too.

Best Tattoo Website--Jon Clue: I love Jon Clue's work, there's some really nice examples of it on here, I just wish I had the money to get my crocodile piece started!

Best Up&Coming/New Website--Pink Flavor: This is Dingo's upcoming transgender site. It's going to be a great resource for all those going through this and for all those interested for whatever reason. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does on here.

Dustin--former staff member of BME's QOD, moderator of the BME mailing list, apprentice at Stainless Studios in Toronto. Interviewed on Modified Times.

Dustin decided not to respond to this question.

Greg Morgan--moderator of the BME mailing list, photographer for Modified Times. Featured in BME/Art.

Best Overall Website--This would be a tossup between one of 3 sites.

  • derBauer This is a German Web Design firm, specialising in high end Flash. It takes a while to load (even on cable) but is well worth the wait.
  • X-Dude Yet another Flash site. This guy rox, really... His site has possibly the best tongue in cheek approach while still some of the best use of flash I have ever seen.
  • IAM.BMEZINE No. I am not saying this to kiss ass. For the last few years, I have been struggling to learn code. To realize that iam is built from basically free hand written code, is totally awe inspiring for me. To top that, every time I think " Fuck. How could you possibly top that..?", it gets topped.

    Best Piercing Website--

  • Easy. http://www.bmezine.com also known as http://www.bme.freeq.com http://www.bodymodifcation.com . Get the picture..?
  • SPC . Shawn Porter's site. Pretty Kool. Good reads, Good pix.
  • Infinite Body Piercing Very informative site.

    Best Tattoo Website--

  • Psycho Clown Extreme Tattoo and Body Piercing Hell these guys have a freakin Web Cam in the studio.
  • Last Rites Paul Booth's website for Last Rites. Great artist, strange man, cool site.
  • Vanishing Tattoo An online resource that EVERYBODY should visit, regardless of your interest/connection to the art.

    Best Up&Coming/New Website--

  • Kryptyk Well, it is kinda cute (+ I need the hits :-p)
  • Brisbane Tribe Online Street Press
  • Synthotica Well built site. Entertaining and user friendly.

  • P7--mod enthusiast, assisted in Loco interview for Modified Times.

    Best Overall Website--BME: I would have to say BME because of their indepth information reguarding experiences and pics to show what the finished product(and some steps inbetween) is. I feel that if everyone looked at BME before choosing a body mod, they would have (at the very least) an idea of what they are getting into.

    Best Piercing Website--BME again

    Best Tattoo Website--Paul Booth's Last Rites website: I can't help it, Paul Booth does excellent work :) His use of b&w to create a 3d image on skin is to the world like Michaelangelo would be to the Sistene Chapel.

    Best Up&Coming/New Website--TSD: I really think that this site is getting better and better all the time - especially because it gives details on the different definitions of each suspension and what to expect after a suspension.

    Helen Lewis--young mod enthusiast, staff member of Modified Times.

    Helen decided not to respond to this question.

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