End of the Year Awards 2002
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Best Piercing Website
Best Tattoo Website
Best Body Jewelry Website
Best Media Coverage
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Modified Mind of the Year (Person of the Year)
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moderator of the BME mailing list, photographer/reviewer for Modified Mind. Featured in BME/Art and Modified Mind's Gallery.

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Ok then, well another year has come to an end, so that means it is time for the annual Modified Mind End of year awards...

Firstly I must apologise for my absence from the Modified Mind this past year. Things have been pretty hectic, and I have unfortunately been otherwise engaged...

Well let's get down to it then...

Best Up & Coming/New Website: Whirlpool

For those people that are interested in all things Broadband, specifically targeted for Australian audiences. The site has been running for a while, but has really moved from strength to strength in the last year.

Best Piercing Website: BME

As usual, I find it hard to go past what would have to be the most informative piercing/body modification website on the web.

Best Tattoo Website: The Dark Art of Paul Booth

I have always had a soft spot for Paul's art, and slightly 'twisted' view of the world. I have found his website to reflect this vision, in a rather distinct way. Its current incarnation is what can only be described as fukn awesome. Very dark. Very Moody. I like it...

Best Body Jewelry Website: Industrial Strength & Organic

As usual, I have had trouble narrowing this answer down to one individual company/website.

Have a had a lot of success personally with the range of jewellery provided by the Industrial Strength crew. There range is rather extensive, and with the addition of 'Borneo Joe' tribal range, I feel that they have one of the better selections of diverse designs going today...

Probably the leaders as far as organic handmade body jewellery around. Erica Skadsen is probably the top authority in regards organic body jewellery. Very clean and informative site.

Best Overall Website: BME

The name says it all, "BME: Body Modification E-zine - The biggest and best online bod-mod site since 1994". What can I say about BME that has not already been said...

mod enthusiast, assisted in Loco interview for Modified Mind.

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Best Piercing Website: BME
Best Tattoo Website: BME

The website can beat any website hands down because of all the information and experiences alone, and it also contains pics and sometimes videos of procedures. What more could you ask for?

Best Media Coverage: TLC's Human Canvas

Since I haven't seen much in the line of magazines, etc, the one thing that does stand out for me has been TLC's show: The Human Canvas. I felt that the show was done while keeping a non biased stance on the subject. We need more places willing to show a non bias, just like TLC.

Best Overall Website: BME

Hands down again: BME: If you want a mod, chances are you will find a plethora of information reguarding the mod you want.

Modified Mind of the Year: Phil Barbosa and Jason (grazer)

I have 2 people that I think get this award: Phil Barbosa, Jason (grazer).

Phil: Being a member of I Was Cured, he has tried his darndest to make sure things flowed well. Even after some bumpy times, he still continued to plan more suspension events.

Jason (grazer): It's not easy to start up a suspension group from scratch, especially when there are a bunch of bumpy roads to cross. Even with the bumpy spots, he has continued to keep IHung together and strong.

Round Table Member's Choice Award:

I'm going to make this award stand for suspension groups that have gone out of their way to help others suspend, and learn the process of suspension/ pulling.

I Was Cured: They have been holding SusCon's, which allow those interested to learn the proper procedures for pulls/suspensions.

Rites of Passage: Emrys makes a point of being at Suscons and alongside IWC, helps others to learn about suspensions/pulls.

TSD: They have their SusCons too, that allow others to suspend (though I haven't attended one yet, I have only heard good reviews of their events)

IHung: An up and coming suspension group. Limited by locations, they still do their best to get people to suspend and pull.

the mind behind BME.

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Best Up & Coming/New Website: BME/Risks

This is one of the first major steps the online mod community (note I say "mod" community -- as in all mods -- not just the piercing or tattoo community) has taken to becoming self-regulating via consumer education, and allows us to pool our knowledge to work more responsibly.

Best Piercing Website: BME

I always feel like a bit of an ass nominating myself, but I don't think anything even comes close to BME. BME covers by far the broadest range of piercings, has hundreds of times as much information as the nearest competitor, maintains minimum standards, and honestly discusses risks, self-piercing, and other topics too uncomfortable for other sites. In addition, I don't know of any other major piercing site out there that isn't simply a front to sell jewelry. BME is there "for the people" since that's who built it.

Best Tattoo Website: Tattoos.com

While when it comes to tattoos on a personal and enthusiast level, there is no site that rivals BME, tattoos.com has probably the best representation of world class tattoo artists on the net. In addition, the fact that they have organised multiple successful international tattoo conventions around this website deserves enormous credit.

Best Body Jewelry Website: One Stop Freak Shop

Part of me wants to nominate BMEshop, because of its renowned customer service and its focus on community support, but I'll wait until the 2003 year end to do that. I don't want to nominate any of the "big" jewelry websites as I believe that while they may have staggering selection, they contribute very little to this community, and I feel that is of utmost importance. So, with that in mind, I'd like to nominate Wil from www.onestopfreakshop.com. Because of his high-end equipment, Wil makes some of the wildest wooden stretching jewelry out there. I don't know of anyone even close to being in his league when it comes to intricate custom carving.

Best Media Coverage: BMEBooks

The media blows. The mainstream media is a total crapshoot -- the only time they print a good article on us is when they quote us more or less directly, and I'm not willing to give someone credit for other's words. The better tattoo magazines basically print the same old stuff over and over again, and the worse ones simply steal stuff from BME. Which leaves me again in the uncomfortable position of nominating myself via BMEbooks.com -- in 2002 they published MODCON (the first book ever published on the world of heavy body modification), Losing A Hand (the autobiography of a voluntary hand amputee), and the BME Scrapbook (a documentation of the IAM/BME community over the past couple of years). Of those, perhaps the scrapbook deserves the most recognition, not because it's the best book, but because it represents an act of will by the community to self document and record itself for posterity.

Best Overall Website: BME

I'm sorry to be an ass and nominate myself again, but there's simply nothing like BME out there when it comes to body modification. I nominate myself in this category for the following reasons: 1. The only major site to cover a full range of body modification. 2. The only site to have giant information archives. 3. The only site to have giant photo archives. 4. iam.bmezine.com is the best community site on the net. 5. The only major site that's honest (ie. won't lie to you about self-piercing, age issues, etc.) 6. The least commercial major site, and the only one to make major re-investments in the community. 7. The only site to publish books, videos, and other "real world" media as well. 8. The only site other than tattoos.com (NIX organisers) to branch into "real world" events (BBQs, ModProm, conventions, etc.).

Modified Mind of the Year: Jon Cobb

I'll nominate "a blast from the past", one of this community's defining artists, Jon Cobb. I nominate him on account of www.scarabglass.com. Jon shows that there's a "fine art cloud" that fluidly embraces all of these disciplines, be it body sculpting or be it glass blowing. He's a visionary that continues to use art to touch people.

Round Table Member's Choice Award:

I'd like to nominate Steve-O (as in www.steveovideo.com, the guy many of you know from the Jackass series). After having seen his irresponsible "off road tattooing" stunt with Henry Rollins, you're probably wondering why. My reasoning: 1. He emphasises having fun with body art and body play. 2. He emphasises the importance of tattoos having personal meaning. 3. He is the only "celebrity" I know of that has dedicated a significant portion of his website to explaining the meanings and motivations behind his tattoos.

former staff member of BME's QOD.

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Best Up & Coming/New Website: BMEJapan

BME in Japanese! I think it's absolutely amazing to see a portal like this. It would be interesting to see similar sites developed for countless other languages -- BME has been receiving a growing number of non-English submissions, and a site like BME/Japan opens even more doors for those for whom English is not a primary language.

Best Piercing Website: Infinite Body Piercing

I suppose I'm a tad biased, but Infinite Body Piercing has an awesome website. Simple, easy-to-navigate, attractive, and packed with information. I have consulted the aftercare, stretching information, galleries, and FAQs many times. I've rarely seen a studio website (or almost any website at all) that is this informative. The beauty of the site is only a bonus.

Best Tattoo Website: How Stuff Works

This is a section of a website devoted to articles about how various things work. Just as the site has articles about how diesel locomotives, cloning, and fiber optics work, it has a section featuring tattoos! I eat this stuff up. I'm very interested in the mechanics or history behind inventions, devices, and practices. So I was very excited to see this article here, with diagrams and explanations, and reasonably accurate information. It's very accessible and informative, and placement on this website ensures a wider audience than many modification-specific sites. This is interesting stuff to learn!

Best Body Jewelry Website: Wildcat

This is the most difficult category for me. As a jewelry fanatic, I love to order regularly from several sources. If this award was for best organic, or best glass, or something very specific, it might be easier. But for an overall jewelry supplier, I am sticking with Wildcat. Wide range of products, low prices, good customer service, free international retail shipping... need I say more? They're lacking some of the more exotic items one might desire, but they cover the basics quite well. They just added an online ordering system and reorganized their inventory. Very nice.

Best Media Coverage: BMEBooks

Nothing stands out to me quite like the Modcon book by Shannon Larratt, published through BMEbooks. There just hasn't been anything like this on the market before. And it's available from mainstream sources like Amazon.com! The newly-published BME Scrapbook is a remarkable record of another aspect of the "body modification community." These publications document amazing people and the things that they are doing with their bodies, and go beyond what any printed publications have done in the past.

Best Overall Website: BME

How could I resist? I am constantly amazed by BME. I was pretty impressed several years ago, but BME just keeps knocking me off my feet with its content. It grows bigger and better every day. It has something to offer to just about everyone -- eye candy, community, and tons of documentation of almost every aspect of body modification. BME has led to the development of other incredible sites, like BME/Risks and IAM.BMEZINE, and has inspired the creation of sites by others. I could ramble on for pages about what BME has to offer and how it has influenced and helped me. But I think you probably know what I'm talking about.

Modified Mind of the Year:

There are so many people that have made huge contributions in the past year, in tons of different ways. I'm not comfortable choosing one!

Round Table Member's Choice Award:
Best "Modified" Porn Site: Porn For Punks

The number of porn sites featuring modified models is growing, but I really like Porn For Punks. It's an alternative adult site run by the modified, starring the modified, and enjoyed by the modified. Something kinky for everyone! It's not your daddy's Playboy. It's something else altogether.

mod enthusiast, involved with the Om Summer Solstice Festival.

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Best Up & Coming/New Website: Modified Mind

If this makes sense I'll give it to the Modified Mind website. I don't honestly search a lot of modification related sites, and this is one of them. For me it has broadened the scope of the community from just being about pictures of ink to thinking about ink and what it means to be modded. Kudos. The only other one I've heard of is pornoforpunks.com (I think it's called that) which is pretty self-explanatory.

Best Media Coverage: the NBA

I haven't seen a more successful ad for tattooing than the NBA over the last few years, but this year especially. Between teenage millionaires going to get mugshots with full sleeves exposed, Allen Iverson and his tattoos that are so offensive (?) he has to cover them, and NBA pregame shows that look at the meaning behind a player and his ink, young athletes are being exposed to tattoos in a way only kids into rock and roll and shop class would have been.

Best Piercing Website: BME
Best Tattoo Website: BME
Best Overall Website: BME

I don't know how many updates BMEZine gets but it's hella huge. There isn't anything I am aware of that isn't covered on this, via pictures, experiences, the glossary of terms, really really what else can you say. Also the fact that it isn't an ad for somebody's shop lends more credibility (as if it's needed). Along with question of the day, polls, the new editor's ring, and on and on and on, bmezine has set a standard higher than any other.

Modified Mind of the Year: Shannon Larratt

As mentioned, this is my first year doing this, so I don't think I could honestly say anybody deserves this more than Shannon Laratt. This is turning in to a big BME AssKiss, but whatever, if it wasn't for BME I wouldn't be writing this column, I wouldn't be friends with a lot of people I consider close to me, and I wouldn't know so many like-minded people exist. Between maintaining IAM and BME, Glider has done more for the modification community than any one person I can think of.

Round Table Member's Choice Award:
Best New Shop Owner: Blair McLean of Passage

Consummate professional, super nice guy, all around pleasure to know. Congrats on finally getting your own shop.

former staff member of BME's QOD, moderator of the BME mailing list, apprentice at Stainless Studios in Toronto. Interviewed on Modified Mind.

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Best Piercing Website: BME


Best Tattoo Website: Tattoos.com

double duh! haha.

Best Body Jewelry Website: Steelwerks

It's definitely different than any other jewellers' sites, and they make great jewelry. They're also Canadian.

Best Media Coverage: CTV

I had interviews with several national news programs this year, but by far the best experience was with CTV news. There is an interview with me on their website, and I feel that they were fair in their reporting.

Best Overall Website: BME

What's that one... um... oh yeah. BME.

Modified Mind of the Year: Shannon Larratt

I know it sounds cliche and kiss-ass to do this, but I have to tip my hat to Shannon Larratt (BME) for what he's done. IAM.BME has virtually exploded in the past year to bring together a community that truly represents the scope of the modified community. His ideas about modification continue to thrill me, and clearly he has done more than any other single person to advance our culture in the past decade.