Suppliers, here's your chance to get involved in the Jewelry Supplier Reviews section of Modified Mind! The Signature Piece is an element on each individual review page that will feature a piece of jewelry from the supplier. Suppliers who want to participate can submit a "Signature Piece" to be featured in this section. Here's what is required from you, suppliers:

  • Active Review Page: Only suppliers with existing Jewelry Supplier Review pages can participate, so if you don't have a review page please encourage your customers to post their reviews here. Do not submit a Signature Piece and expect it to result in the creation of a new review page! We're not going to start a review page without any reviews!

  • Vital Statistics: The Vital Statistics section of your review page must be complete. If the location, shipping or payment info is missing, please provide it when submitting your Signature Piece.

  • Signature Piece: This feature is meant to highlight a piece of jewelry unique to your company. Therefore, it's strongly suggested that you submit unique pieces rather than just standard cbr's or barbells. However, since that is all some companies sell, suppliers submitting standard pieces will not be denied the opportunity to participate.

  • Picture of Jewelry: This must be at minimum a 200x200 image of the piece of jewelry you want featured. The image needs to be high resolution. Blurry images, images that do not clearly show the jewelry or images smaller than 200x200 will not be accepted. High quality images have a very good chance of making the Modified Mind cover, please follow the width constraint listed (or choose an image that can easily be converted to a width of 200 with a height of at least 200) if you're interested in making the cover.

  • Details: Three things are needed in addition to the image: the price of the jewelry (please specify if pricing is for a pair rather than a single piece), a direct link to the page featuring the piece on your site and the name of the piece.

  • Submit Your Signature Piece: Once you have all of this info, e-mail it to Modified Mind at [email protected].

  • Note to Suppliers: Your Signature Piece can be updated or changed periodically. Also please note that in addition to possibly making the cover of Modified Mind, you will also have a chance to periodically have your Signature Piece featured in the "Signature Piece Spotlight" on the main page of Modified Mind. This feature will allow Signature Pieces from the past to get additional exposure on the main page of this website.

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