Warehouse Feature Requirements

Suppliers, interested in being featured in the Warehouse section? The Warehouse feature will have background on your company, its history and the jewelry you provide. Also, an official jewelry review by Modified Mind is an optional addition to your feature. Here's what is required from you, suppliers:

  • Supplier History: This is the background info on how the company got started, what inspired the company's start, how long the company has been in existence, etc.

  • Images: Image requirements vary based on the size of the supplier. See below for details. All images must be high resolution and at least 300x300 in size. The below is a minimum requirement list, any additional photos/images are highly encouraged.

  • Large Manufacturer/Supplier Image Requirements: Image of company logo, "Storefront" photo of the outside of the company facilities, photo of owner/heads of the company, photos of the work area where jewelry is produced, photos of showroom (if there is one), and images of at least 3 pieces of jewelry.

  • Small Manufacturer/Supplier Image Requirements: Image of company logo, photo of owner/heads of the company and photos of any additional staff, photos of showroom (if there is one), images of at least 3 pieces of jewelry, images of logos of your suppliers (if your company is a reseller), and any images from the list for larger manufacturers which are applicable (storefront, work area).

  • Other Information: This can include, but is not limited to, additional staff info or bios (especially of owner/head of the company if this info is not included in Supplier History), special promotions your company runs on a regular basis, information about materials used in your jewelry (especially if you do not use standard materials), and reasons for choice of companies whose jewelry you resell (if you're a reseller).

  • Information on Jewelry Supplier Review page: If your company has a listing in Modified Mind's Jewelry Review section, please check and fill in any missing information and correct any wrong information in the "Vital Statistics" section. There will be links between your feature in the Warehouse and the Jewelry Supplier Review page, and the "Vital Statistics" will also be listed on your feature in the Warehouse.

  • Official Modified Mind Jewelry Review: Previous to this section, submitted reviews were the only jewelry reviews published, however I've decided to offer official reviews as a sidebar on any features published here. This is optional, not required. If you're interested in doing the review, contact me at [email protected]. I'll choose 3 or 4 items and give shipping information. If you send jewelry without contacting me, it will not be reviewed.
  • If your company is interested in being featured here, contact me at [email protected] to get the process started.

    Disclaimer:Any official Modified Mind reviews published in this section are reviews of the quality of the jewelry, not of the company's customer service, purchasing process, shipping process, or website.

    Past Warehouse Features
    Date Jewelry Supplier
    April 2006 Another Hole Body Jewelry
    March 2006 Metal Mafia
    November 2005 Body Steel UK
    March 2004 BodyArtForms